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Soooo... it's the new year again

Everyone is talking about resolutions.

I made a resolution a few years ago to put my laundry away within 24 hours of it being dry, so that's where I'm at with that

Maybe you've got a resolution about practice?

If you do, and you're feeling kinda bad about it, let me help!

I see people wanting to Get Shit Done! or Work Way Harder! or Stop Procrastinating! and those are great goals, but I'm tired just thinking about them and maybe you are too.

If you're anything like me, you work hard, but you never feel like it's enough, and you consistently feel crap about yourself.

A few years ago, this mindset made me so burnt out I almost quit my full-time principal job.

And so many musicians  struggle with the same thing.

Those were rough times for me. 

And then the pandemic started, and suddenly there were no concerts, and I had all this time. 

So I read everything I could get my hands on about burnout, and how to manage one's working life under late capitalism. As you do.

I've based my signature course, the Intentional Practice Program, around these principles, and now I want to offer a bite-sized program to help introduce you to a new way of thinking about our work.

So without further ado...

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Burnout-proof your practice is a 30-day program with daily messages sent straight to your pocket via WhatsApp.

You'll get
BYPY bullet point.png

Reflection questions to help you hone in on what matters to you

BYPY bullet point.png

Practice tips to get more done in less time

BYPY bullet point.png

Strategies for dealing with the mental and emotional weight of musician life

BYPY bullet point.png

Direct access to me via whatsapp, with the option to add one-on-one sessions 

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A Facebook group to build community with similar-minded musicians

By the end of the 30 days you will have a solid grasp on the signs of burnout, and be able to stop it from turning your life in to a dumpster fire-- or have an action plan to rebuild your charred musician life and emerge like a phoenix!

And the best part?
It's only $20

Whoa that is an AMAZING deal-2.png

Sign up now!

We will start as a group on January 10

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