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Your practice personality is
The Bold Badass! 

Decisive + Inspired + Adventurous

Just like the fiddle-leaf fig, you are the focus in every room you're in! You can fit in anywhere, and you love to collaborate, but secretly would rather that people follow your lead.

You see the big picture, and are great at bringing everything together under one common goal.

You make quick judgments and can get an idea of a piece from the first read-through.

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While you can change your mind quickly, you have the decisive superpower of being able to commit to new ideas right away.

Practice Happier Bullet Points-46.png

You tend to prefer short-term projects and are a bit of a thrill-seeker, which makes the people around you drawn to your charisma.

Practice Happier Bullet Points-46.png

You can get bored easily, and sometimes may focus a little too much on style over substance.

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And just who am I?!

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My name is Cory, and I'm the founder of Practice Happier, where I teach musicians just like you how to get results from their practice without spending 6 hours a day working in frustration. I’m also the principal bassoonist with the filarmónica de Boca del Rio, a collector of passport stamps, and an insufferable coffee snob. 

I’ve been around the block enough to know that there are a lot of ways for musicians to lose their motivation, or straight up their enjoyment of music. I’m tired of the expectation that we need to work all the time and prioritize music above everything in our lives, or that we need to feel terrible about ourselves to stay motivated. I believe we can make this a better career, and that starts in the practice room. 

So What's next?

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