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Are you tired of
stressful practice

Instead of paying attention to the nuance of the music, you’re feeling like a drone and hating every second.

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You’ve been working on the same section for weeks now and you’re terrified to bring it back to your lesson AGAIN. It’s 8pm on Friday, your friends are all texting you, “Hey, come on, let’s go out! Your lesson isn’t until Monday!”

You really don’t think it’s going to improve over the weekend, but there’s no way you would be able to relax and have fun if you went out with your friends anyway.

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You don’t want to play because you don’t think you sound good...

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But you feel like you HAVE to get something done to make yourself feel better

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And you’re always wondering why you haven’t solved those problems!

Get out of the cycle of self-criticism and get back to making music!

Develop your independent musicianship and become your own best teacher.

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Practice Happier Bullet Points-47.png
Practice Happier Bullet Points-47.png

Learn to practice in ways that work FOR you

Build your self confidence and make practicing less disorganized

Determine for yourself what a good practice session looks like

Introducing How to Practice Happier

A six-week, self-guided course so you can get results with your
practice sessions, without being motivated by anxiety and fear.

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Here's what you get with
How to Practice Happier:

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Practice Happier Bullet Points-46.png
Practice Happier Bullet Points-46.png

Mindset shifts to help you conquer negative self-talk and use your mind to HELP you instead of self-sabotaging 

Step-by-step strategies to help you build your practice session in a way that works for YOU and keeps you interested

Organization strategies to teach you to use your time efficiently, so you can spend more time doing the other things you love to do!

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you’ll also get instant access to:


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A comprehensive workbook to keep you on track

50+ video lessons to help you build your unique practice style

Access to the How to Practice Happier exclusive
Facebook group, so you can share your experiences

with other students and find a community of like-
minded musicians

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How Does It Work?

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Enroll in

How to Practice Happier

Step 1

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Step 2

Get instant access to tons of strategies to tailor your
practice sessions to YOUR life-
- not the other way around

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Step 3

Learn to practice without
being motivated by
anxiety and fear

Your investment for How to Practice Happier is:

one-time payment of



twelve payments of


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And just who am I?

Hi, I'm Cory!

I help musicians like you learn to practice more effectively, efficiently, and with way less drama and anxiety. Working hard doesn’t have to mean suffering, and you deserve to thrive as a musician and as a person! I know that all of the expectations and messaging around a career in music are overwhelming sometimes-- I’ve got the repetitive strain injuries to show for it! I had to reimagine what my own practice routine could look like in order to find something sustainable for my own body and mind when I was 20 years old, and it’s something that I’m still working on. My mission is to help others find that path, too. It is possible to feel excited about music again.

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