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If you’re overwhelmed, you’re not the only one.

(Congratulations, you're human.)

It’s year four of the pandemic, everything is not fine, and we still have to go to work and school like everything is just peachy. It sucks.

Being a musician can be extra overwhelming.

Most of us don’t have a predictable schedule-- we have a million projects to juggle all the time, and we’re lucky if we have time to drive thru del taco for dinner in between teaching and rehearsing. Or to stop at the vending machine between class and rehearsal. It’s not just one dumpster fire, it’s dumpster fires everywhere. Figuring out what to practice when and how to do it is more work than you have time for.

Taking that time to get organized can be just as overwhelming as everything else.

If you're anything like I was, you work hard, but you never feel like it's enough, and you consistently feel like crap about yourself.

So I really want to tell you about my new program!

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Practice is a Dumpster Fire is a work-at-your-own-pace course designed to help overwhelmed musicians prioritize and organize their practice sessions.

With this short course, you will have concrete tasks to complete to help you prioritize, organize, and maybe even put out a few of those fires. Sure, you could do it yourself, but having a little structure makes it a lot more likely that you’ll ACTUALLY do it. Because how many weeks in a row have you been fighting the Sunday scaries saying that “next week I need to get more organized”?

You'll get

Video lessons helping you strategize and set goals that you can actually reach


Practice tips to get more done in less time


Strategies for dealing with the mental and emotional weight of musician life


A comprehensive workbook full of powerful questions to help you keep your priorities aligned

The strategies for planning and goal setting will keep you on track, and actually feeling like you’re accomplishing something from one day to the next.

You’ll learn a flexible system that you can customize for yourself.

Once you have that structure in place, you can drag yourself out from under that pile of unfolded laundry, rebuild your charred musician life, and emerge like a phoenix! 

Maybe the air is free of dumpster fire smoke!  

And the best part?
It's only $100

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Sign up now with a


free trial!

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