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Your practice personality is
The Collaborative Kingpin! 

Observant + Resolute + Devoted

Like the monstera plant, you are popular with everyone! You are very consistent when the conditions are just right. You tend to stick to strategies that you know for sure will  work instead of experimenting to find things that might work better. 

You are a great colleague, and you can play anything if you work at it.

You hate to be seen as lazy and sometimes work just so that you look busy, even if you don’t actually need to— you’re self-conscious that some things just come easily.

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You love tradition and use it to bring people together, and you love learning about history, music and otherwise.

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Sometimes you can be impatient, and you often turn that impatience on yourself in the practice room. 

Practice Happier Bullet Points-46.png

Your nightmare is sitting idle in rehearsal wishing that the conductor had called for sectionals instead of spending 15 minutes on that brass chorale AGAIN. Like can you pleaseeee just let us go early?

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And just who am I?!

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My name is Cory, and I'm the founder of Practice Happier, where I teach musicians just like you how to get results from their practice without spending 6 hours a day working in frustration. I’m also the principal bassoonist with the filarmónica de Boca del Rio, a collector of passport stamps, and an insufferable coffee snob. 

I’ve been around the block enough to know that there are a lot of ways for musicians to lose their motivation, or straight up their enjoyment of music. I’m tired of the expectation that we need to work all the time and prioritize music above everything in our lives, or that we need to feel terrible about ourselves to stay motivated. I believe we can make this a better career, and that starts in the practice room. 

So What's next?

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